Working together, everyone achieves more. 

We've gone green!

From enhanced productivity to higher savings and better employee retention rates, there are multiple benefits of working with a distributed team. It is estimated that roughly a quarter of the U.S. workforce telecommutes occasionally or permanently, according to statistics.

With advances in cloud services and videoconferencing technologies, it's becoming more and more common for companies to be virtual, meaning the majority or entirety of their team telecommutes 100% of the time.

We at, LLC have decided to utilize said platform by instituting those changes. By implementing the following changes, we at, LLC are making our contribution to the environment, creating a more productive team, giving our employees a better work/life balance, and enhancing employee safety.

Paperless has gone paperless. Of course, all private records and documentation are still in hard copy but 80% of all our communication has become digital.

Telecommuting is now allowing employees to work remotely. 

Virtual Office locations

We still have a brick and mortar office in downtown Houston for scheduled company meetings and client appointments.