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Florida Action Committee makes baseless claims against

I am John F. Bordelon, President of and for too long we here at have been a target of the Florida Action Committee. The time has come to set the record straight. 


 I do not believe anyone who is running a scam would want to have a working relationship with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. works with state and federal court systems on behalf of our clients. When it comes to dissatisfied clients, no company is perfect.  Any personal difficulty I experienced has no bearing on my company's dedication to assisting people who were caught up in a questionable situation. The Florida Action Committee has the right to form an opinion, but that in and of itself does not make it valid.  We have been successful with registry terminations and though we have not had the same successes in Florida,  we do have several in the works. We are still diligently working on the cases of our Florida clients, as the process does take time. 

The difference between and the Florida Action Committee is that is a for-profit privately held company and the FAC is non-profit.  We both provide a valuable service to the community. does it through action and the FAC does it through providing information to the public at large. It is very easy to talk about how some people have to endure injustice. chooses to try to change the community one life at a time. The Florida Action Committee would rather talk about how it is impossible to get off the registry and take away any semblance of hope a person may have.  We are still here, and always will be because talking about injustice is a good first step, but at, we prefer to take action. The sad truth to all of this discourse is that we are both fighting for the same cause and it just seems silly for two advocates of people who need our help, to go against each other.