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Customer Testimonials

At 63 years old Early Citizen worked as a bus monitor. Early enjoyed his job working with kids with disabilities. On one afternoon Mr. Citizen’s life changed. Mr. Citizen was accused of exposing himself to kids on his bus. The question is, did he do it? The answer; No. The accusation was all it took to make Early a sex offender.How could Mr. Citizen defend himself from the allegations? There was no proof of any wrongdoing, just an accusation. Mr. Citizen had two options, take a plea or go to trial and risk jail time. He took the plea. Mr. Citizen had to deal with the embarrassment and degradation of having to register as a sex offender. People in Early’s family did not believe the allegations but had a wary eye.For seventeen painful years Mr. Citizen registered without fail or incident. On one fateful day Early got a letter from a company in Houston called Early decided even though he was 80 years old now, he did not want to leave this world thinking the worst of him. “ I remember thinking, I hope this is for real, so I brought my son with me to the appointment.” Early would say when asked when he reached out to the company, he didn’t expect much. “I met Mr. Bordelon at an office in San Antonio and he listened to me. Mr. Bordelon was respectful to me and my son. I remember him saying he could not promise me anything, only that he would do his best to help me.” And help Mr. Citizen he did, after 14 months of hard work and tireless dedication by his staff, the state of Texas Department of Public Safety decided to release Mr. Citizen from the registry. “I can go where I want to go now and not have to worry about stuff. Mr. Bordelon is good man and my wife and I could not thank him enough for what he did for me.”

Early Citizen

You guys are relentless in the pursuit to help us-those that have to be registered. You explore all the options until finally you're able to get what you needed done. That's what I really appreciated, you guys kept me abreast with what was going on at least once a month and that helped me also to know that it wasn't just sitting on a desk somewhere, that you were actually working on it. You accomplished what you said you would and that means a lot to me.

James Byrd