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An expungement means that all records related to a particular arrest are deleted or destroyed. If your criminal record is expunged and you are later arrested, neither the police nor the prosecutor nor the court itself should be able to find any records relating to the old arrest which resulted in a dismissal or acquittal.

If you pleaded guilty to a crime and were placed on Deferred Adjudication, your record could be sealed if certain eligibility requirements are met  when you successfully complete it. Not all offenses are eligible for Non-Disclosure even if you successfully completed deferred adjudication. Your record of offense will not automatically disappear after your completed Deferred Adjudication, a Non-Disclosure order is required in order to seal your record.


What a Pardon can do for You.
  • Restore Your Civil Rights;
  • Allow you to vote;
  • Allow you to serve on a jury;
  • Allow you to Adopt Children;
  • Restore your Gun Rights; and
  • Deny the existence of the criminal offense on any type of application for employment; and
  • It makes your offense eligible for an EXPUNGEMENT.


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Set Aside Conviction

If you were convicted and completed probation without any prison time, you may be eligible to have your conviction set aside and eventually have the case dismissed. Some states Code of Criminal Procedure allows a judge to dismiss the case for a person who has successfully completed the terms of their probation.