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Press Release  gets San Antonio man off sex offender registry

At 63 years old Early Citizen worked as a bus monitor. Early enjoyed his job working with kids with disabilities. On one afternoon Mr. Citizen's life changed. Mr. Citizen was accused of exposing himself to kids on his bus. The question is, did he do it? The answer; No. The accusation was all it took to make Early a sex offender. How could Mr. Citizen defend himself from the allegations? There was no proof of any wrongdoing, just an accusation. Mr. Citizen had two options, take a plea or go to trial and risk jail time. He took the plea. Mr. Citizen had to deal with the embarrassment and degradation of having to register as a sex offender. People in Early's family did not believe the allegations but had a wary eye.

For seventeen painful years Mr. Citizen registered without fail or incident. On one fateful day Early got a letter from a company in Houston, Texas called  Early decided even though he was 80 years old now, he did not want to leave this world with people thinking the worst of him. "I remember thinking, I hope this is for real, so I brought my son with me to the appointment."  Early said when he reached out to the company, he didn't expect much. "I met Mr. Bordelon at an office in San Antonio and he listened to me. Mr. Bordelon was respectful to me and my son. I remember him saying he could not promise me anything, only that he would do his best to help me. And help Mr. Bordelon did, after 14 months of hard work and tireless dedication by his staff, the state of Texas Department of Public Safety decided to release Mr. Citizen from the registry. "I can go where I want to go now and not have to worry about stuff. Mr. Bordelon is good man and my wife and I could not thank him enough for what he did for me." When Bordelon was asked about Mr. Citzen's outcome, he simply said "Another life changed for the better and only 1005 more to go."

FAC goes on personal attack of Clearmycase president

It's getting personal! The FAC has attacked Clearmycase president John Bordelon for filing several bankruptcies in the last decade. When asked about the personal campaign against him, John Bordelon stated that the statements were true.  "I have no reason to hide from something that is public knowledge."  John Bordelon has filed for bankruptcy four times in the last decade. John Bordelon owns and runs three different companies. attorney Rosemary Stuart stated, "Mr. Bordelon could have easily gone into business bankruptcy to protect his own skin, instead he filed personal bankruptcy to preserve his client base and the jobs of his employees. Mr. Bordelon kept paying his employees even when it meant he could not pay his personal obligations." Attorney Jason Bone also added, "Most business owners facing a financial crisis file bankruptcy to avoid paying vendors, contractors, and employees. What happens to the customer when the business folds? The money is lost." Bordelon would also add,  "At the end of the day, I wanted to do right by my clients and staff. I was in a better position to take a financial hit than my employees were."

Louisiana Man Gets Charges Dismissed for Using Facebook;

A Louisiana man was charged with setting up a Facebook account, which was considered a violation of his probation.

Raymond Jakubielski, through, hired Attorney Nicolas Linder to represent their client and helped him prove that he had the right to access social media although he was still on probation. After five court appearances, the charges were finally dropped. The court determined that it was unconstitutional to bar Mr. Jakubielski from using Facebook.

The Reaction of

John Bordelon, President of, was delighted with the decision by the court and stated that Mr. Jakubielski was merely utilizing Facebook to find employment. Mr. Bordelon further noted that the community should not summarily dismiss individuals without giving them the benefit of the doubt. Justice without oversight leads to inconsistent outcomes. In Louisiana, sex offenders must keep off social media websites as mandated by the law. For an internet site to pass as a social media networking site, the service must permit persons to create profile pages that are available to the general public. The site must also facilitate communication among users. Websites which have instant messaging, photo-sharing capabilities or electronic mail don't qualify as social media sites. For intent, the person must attempt to contact other users. If found in violation of the statutes, the offender can be fined up to ten thousand dollars, or imprisoned with hard labor for a limit of ten years, without parole or probation.

Restrictions and the Freedom of Speech

Social media sites have made the solicitation of minors, stalking and harassment easier, prompting the amendment of laws across the country to restrict the sex-offenders from using them. Such rules are problematic since they violate a fundamental clause in the First Amendment. Already there is a law requiring the registration of offenders on sex-offender registries in any geographic zone.

Social media remains a hotly debated topic since the way we interact with other is changing. Each day more communications are happening online facilitated by social media sites, which also have further capabilities. For instance, LinkedIn is a professional site, currently used by 200 million people. Facebook and the other sites have become critical in the way users engage with business and brands.

The laws against the use of social media sites and sex offenders, not only limits their right of expression but also access to information and ideas. Also, banning the complete use of social media instead of the specific action of exploitation of minors is injudicious. Cases involving the state against sex-offenders have had similar ruling with charges against offenders dropped.

Earlier this year, five Justices of the Supreme Court decided that the role of social media sites as an essential source of information is too important to deny sex-offenders access. They also concluded that laws in North Carolina directly violate the First Amendment.

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