New beginnings start every day.



Expungement of a criminal conviction is an excellent way to put the past behind you and begin a new day. Close a chapter on a past mistake. With an expunction of the record, a person can go forward with their life without being haunted by a prior conviction or having to disclose a criminal record. Expungements can provide a clean slate, piece of mind, and the freedom to pursue career opportunities that may not have been available with a criminal record.


As the protected person, you do not have to disclose any information about your experience with the sealed case during an interview, application or in any other way and may legally respond to an inquiry into the matter that no such action occurred. A person’s application cannot be denied solely on the basis of person’s refusal to disclose information that has been sealed. However, an order sealing adult arrest and criminal records is a powerful tool in leveling the playing field in the job and college application process. You do not have to feel like a second-class citizen anymore and can put the nightmare of being caught up in the criminal justice system behind you.


Such measurable benefits include, but are not limited to:

 Obtaining employment;

  • obtaining residence/improving their living conditions;
  • obtaining an education;
  • removing stigma/changing others perceptions;
  • social and/or personal improvement;
  • financial stability.