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 Litigation Document Preparation Services

Every citizen has the right to equal representation in court.
It is based upon this abiding premise, that the Justice System in these United States is fair and just.

Legal representation does require a cost and not all citizens can afford to fight the good fight because they lack the resources to hire an attorney.

For self-representing Pro Se clients, our professional litigation document preparation services offer an affordable option for filing petitions to protect your legal rights in a court of law.

Registered with Office of the Secretary of State

Member Houston Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

No negative information with the Better Business Bureau

Licensed attorneys in good standing and members of Texas Bar Association, Louisiana State Bar, Alabama State Bar, Florida State Bar and Mississippi State Bar.  No matter where you are, we'll be there for you.

The one question we receive more than any other, " Is this for real?" The answer  is an unequivocal YES! For those individuals that qualify under the laws and statutes of their state, they may petition to deregister or utilize our other post-conviction relief remedies. We work closely with the  (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigations, state agencies, courts, and local law enforcement to make sure all pertinent information is utilized to give you the greatest chance for success. We only work with professional state certified risk assessors for evaluations as required. We are currently in the application process for registration with the Secretary of State in the following states: Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Colorado, and Tennessee.

We utilize the statutes and laws of every state we work in. We adhere to SORNA guidelines.
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